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Wheel alignment can be performed by our ASE certified mechanics, and any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure that your ride is as smooth as possible. If you are unsure of when your last alignment was, bring it to us! Cash and pre-approved check discounts are available.

Wheel alignment service:

  • Alignment

  • Wheel balancing

  • Tire changing

  • Front-end alignment

  • 4-wheel alignment

  • Tire repair

  • Suspension

  • Shocks and struts

Avoid wear and tear on your vehicle

Wheels that are improperly aligned can mean uneven wear on tires and damage to your vehicle. If your vehicle is pulling to the left or right on a straight and even road, audible screeches are present, or your wheel is vibrating as you are driving, you may need your wheels aligned. Bring your vehicle to the experts.

Wheel alignments keep your ride smooth

Wheel alignment